Why should I care?

Developing and accessing the waterfront

Cleveland has been trying to get lakefront access for decades, and rightly so. Our lakefront is an asset, but it's a huge hassle to get to and it’s difficult to get around once you're there.

Working with what we have

Rather than incur the massive geotechnical and structural costs that accompany the construction of most forms of transportation (rail, subway, etc.), SkyLift works with the current landscape. Further, the lift stations and pylons/towers take up a limited footprint, and very few physical changes to the site locations are needed.

We have the solution

Picture a ski lift on steroids! SkyLift is a digital entertainment experience, where fun and culture meet. Each car will be equipped with multilingual digital devices, ensuring that each flight is informative, rewarding and engaging.

Connecting everything

Not only will SkyLift connect you to all the waterfront amenities, it will link the east side of Cleveland to the west side, and seamlessly integrate with the RTA system. This provides access to ALL of Cleveland without the hassle or expenses of driving and parking.

100+ jobs created

In addition to providing Cleveland with better transportation options, SkyLift will create at least one hundred new jobs for Cleveland. In addition, the construction of the SkyLift system will have a significant impact on the local economy, bringing jobs to local residents and revenue to local businesses.


SkyLift won't just create jobs, it will create an iconic "WOW" factor for Cleveland’s skyline, and be the catalyst for a full-blown economic and cultural renaissance.

Cleveland rocks!

Cleveland is a fantastic city, full of wonderful people and neighborhoods. We have a lot to offer, but there is a lot of potential to make Cleveland even better.

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