Who's Behind This?

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Who's Behind This?

LeanDog builds software products for clients and we teach companies how to change their culture to support transparency, extreme collaboration and innovation. We also foster an entrepreneurial spirit and offer a dedicated service to specifically help startups. One of our company philosophies is to "leave things better than we found them", whether it's the products we build, the cultures we change, or the communities we live in.

With the SkyLift project we want everyone in Cleveland to collaborate and work together to make this happen. The support has been amazing!

Working Together

At LeanDog, we're just as passionate about collaboration as we are innovation. Since April, we've been working on gathering advocates and guidance from the people and organizations that care the most about our city. Together, we are working to determine the feasibility of the vision. Below are just some of the advocates SkyLift has accrued.

Civic Supporters

Downtown Cleveland Alliance
Positively Cleveland
Port of Cleveland
Cleveland Metroparks
Councilman Cimperman
University Circle
Land Studio
Global Cleveland
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland Leadership Center
Ohio Erie Canal

Business Advocates

Geis Companies
Ferchill Group
Arras Keathley
Nottingham Spirk
Precision Helicopter
Premier Flight Academy
Epiq Construction
Land Studio
Heidi Cool Consulting
Idea Innovations
Weber Murphy Fox

Cable Car Consultants

Leitner-Poma of America
Creative Urban Projects
Summit Lift Co.

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