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Stationary Loading Ramp Buying Guide

Stationary Loading Ramp

What is a Stationary Loading Ramp?

The stationary loading ramp is auxiliary equipment together with storage platform, equipment, platform loading, and unloading can be adjusted according to the different heights of the truck, adjustable height, convenient forklift into the truck, equipment using imported hydraulic pump station, both sides are equipped with the anti-skid side plate, work more safely, improve work efficiency.

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What is Stationary Loading Ramp used for?

Have the height adjustment function between the truck and warehouse loading bridge, such as forklift trucks carrying vehicles through which can directly into the van batch loading and unloading of goods, it takes only a single assignment can be realized by fast loading and unloading of goods, a stationary hydraulic dock leveler is the special auxiliary equipment to realize rapid loading and unloading of goods. To gain higher economic advantages, it decreases the number of people in the workforce and increases productivity. It is, in general, the machinery required for the creation of contemporary enterprise civilization as well as the rate of material circulation.

Main features:

1)Adopting the full axis to attach the lip plate to the platform, resulting in a high-strength and dependable connection.

2)Imported seals and hydraulic cylinders can maintain the hydraulic system's sealing properties outstanding.

3)Extremely strong The U-shaped bridge design can withstand significant loading for an extended period of time without deforming.

4)The platform's anti-skid checkered steel plate design provides outstanding anti-skid qualities.

5)Having a supporting bar may assure the maintenance man's safety when entering the yard ramp.

6)Electric operation is quite straightforward and safe for the operator. Simply push the button when the loose-leaf plate is on the car, and the adjusting plate will rise automatically; relax the button, and the adjusting plate will fall on its own weight.


warehouse, big enterprise, station, wharf, postal transportation, logistics distribution works, door industries, etc.

When vehicles back up to the dock, even when loading docks are built to suit normal tractor trailer bed heights, some uneven spacing discrepancies might occur. Dock levelers are designed and built to be installed as a permanent element of the structure. Handling items and supplies across these zones can result in accidents, interrupt workflow, and decrease productivity. Taking steps to ensure that staff has sufficient loading systems will reduce the expenses connected with these issues in the future. Dock levelers are an excellent piece of equipment for preventing such events and ensuring that a facility operates safely and efficiently.

Dock levelers from the HONTY brand are built of heavy-duty welded structural steel and may provide decades of service if operated according to the owner's manuals and preventive maintenance agreements. HONTY may also aid with the proper installation of equipment. Levelers are lowered and elevated using manual or push-button hydraulic controls to function as a connecting platform to and from the dock platform. This allows forklifts and hand trucks to move between the vehicle and the dock swiftly and easily.

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What are the advantages and benefits of the Stationary Loading Ramp? 

The advantages of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge are as follows:

1. The internal seal adopts imported components so that the hydraulic system has good sealing performance;

2. Adopt imported hydraulic pump valve, stable operation, and long service life.

3. The "U" beam design is adopted, with high strength, which ensures no deformation under long-term and high-load operation.

4. The boarding bridge uses a high-quality skid plate to prevent the toes from touching the platform.

5. Single button control, simple and convenient operation.

6. Optional wheel stop blocks prevent the vehicle from leaving the platform prematurely.

7, the use of the anti-rust effect is better.

8. It adopts a full hydraulic drive, which is easy to operate and labor-saving;

9. The lip plate that overlaps with the carriage adopts an integral long-axis link, which is hard, strong, and reliable;

From the design point of view, the machine uses full hydraulic transmission, which is simple and convenient to operate. The platform is made of manganese steel, with high strength, full-length shaft connection, and the reliability of the platform is strengthened. The space is large enough to allow maintenance workers to enter the interior for maintenance, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

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How to choose a Stationary Loading Ramp? 

The fixed boarding bridge is a loading and unloading auxiliary equipment integrated with the storage platform, which can make the loading and unloading operation safer and improve the work efficiency. What should be paid attention to when purchasing a fixed boarding bridge?

It is necessary to know the height of the fixed boarding bridge from the ground and the connection height between the forks, as well as the types of goods to be transported, the volume weight, the frequency of use, and other parameters. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the weight of the forklifts used and talk about the detailed parameters and parameters. After the demand is informed to the fixed boarding bridge manufacturer, the general manufacturer will give corresponding solutions and product quotations.

Of course, choosing a manufacturer is also very important. At present, there are many manufacturers that produce and sell fixed boarding bridges. Different manufacturers have different product quality. After all, the thickness of the materials used is different, and so is the after-sales service. Be careful. For the choice of fixed boarding bridge manufacturers, try to choose those manufacturers with a high reputation, which are more guaranteed in all aspects.

If you don't know how to buy, please contact HONTY, we will give you the most professional advice.

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How to use a Stationary Loading Ramp for working?

1. First open the tailgate of the car and fasten it on both sides of the carriage, then move the car backward against the anti-collision rubber pads on both sides of the pit of the boarding bridge, and brake the car.

2. Turn on the main power switch in the electric control box, press the operation button, the panel of the fixed boarding bridge slowly rises, when it rises to the top height, the front panel of the boarding bridge begins to stretch out. When they are on the same plane, release the button, the panel and the deck will slowly descend in the same plane, and the deck will naturally rest on the ground of the rear compartment of the car. The contact point is not less than 100mm.

3. If the bottom of the carriage is lower than the height of the platform where the boarding bridge is installed while releasing the button to lower the panel, tighten the small chain to make the supporting feet deviate from the gap of the supporting footpads, and the panel and the apron can drop below the height of the platform. at the height of the platform until the slats fall to the floor in the lower carriage.

4. After the work is completed, press the operation button, the panel will rise together with the deck, the car will drive away, release the button, and the panel will automatically fall back to its place.

5. Cut off the main power switch

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Stationary Loading Ramp

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