Phase 1

Our goal is to connect Cleveland's waterfront. We have collaborated with all of the developers of these sites to gain their support. Our next step is to bring the cable car engineers back to Cleveland to analyze all of the potential options on this map to determine the best route. We will then send the plan out for bid to cable car companies around the world. Once the cost is determined we can then raise private capital and begin to resolve permitting and legal issues to make this a reality. Once these issues are resolved, we can order the cable cars and construct this in approximately 18 months.

Last year the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh attracted 1.25 million riders and has been in operation since 1877. Our phase one plan is comparable to this and we expect at least the same amount of annual ridership.

Progress: People helping LeanDog rock this plan!

We share our floating office barge with Arras Keathley, a marketing and brand innovation firm, and they have been helping us rock this vision since the beginning.

Cable car manufacturer Leitner-Poma has agreed to complete the engineering of Phase I for free. This saved approximately $35k.

Weber Murphy Fox, an architectural design firm is very supportive, and helping out by providing pro bono design services. WMF recently completed conceptual sketches and a physical scale model for one of the lift stations. They also made a computerized 3D lift station model and added it (along with cable cars, people, etc.) to site context photos.

Good plans happen in iterations.

We're not expecting all 14 stations and 5 miles of cable to go up at once. We will engineer for the future starting with the highest value stations, and as the models prove themselves, additional stations will be added.

We have engaged consultants who are experts in this field. They will represent us, do the engineering analysis and work with the cable car manufacturers. We have identified two manufacturers who are ready to come to Cleveland to work with us.

Design and Engineering Tasks

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