Proposed Harbor West Lift Station


Optimizing Catalytic Projects

Economic impact

Over 100 new jobs!

SkyLift will staff 2-6 people per station per shift. SkyLift will run seven days a week and utilize two to three shifts per day. The construction of SkyLift will create new construction jobs. At the completion of the feasibility study, we will have a better handle on the number of jobs that will be created.

Collaboration with current projects

Skylift will collaborate with the Convention Center, Harbor West, East Bank and North Coast which are all under development.

Regional impact

The ripple effect will be felt throughout the Greater Cleveland area (supply companies, restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Iconic attraction

SkyLift could be on the same level as the Space Needle, Navy Pier, Mount Washington, and the Sears Tower.

Convention impact

SkyLift will help Cleveland become convention friendly by making it more competitive and attractive to local, regional, national and international conferences. For instance, the economic impact of a political convention has been estimated at $300 million.

More people downtown

Greater Clevelanders who haven’t been downtown in a long time can rediscover Cleveland and all of the exciting development that is happening.

Fares & Tourism

Affordable one-way or all-day

SkyLift fares are expected to be $3.50 for a one-way ticket and $7.00 for an all day pass. These fares are comparable to the RTA ($2.25 one way and $5.00 for an all day pass). We need to complete the feasibility analysis to confirm these numbers. Our goal is to make SkyLift affordable for everyone.

1,645,900 visitors annually to:

In addition, think of all the visitors to: Quicken Loans Arena, Casino, Progressive Field, Convention Center and many other locations.

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