• Over 15 years of industry experience, strict production process, and detection.
  • HONTYLIFT gained a series of certifications such as CE, ISO14001,ISO9001, SGS, TUV
  • Professional design and technical team tailored for your lifts solutions
  • Use of international brand accessories, 10-year warranty
  • Professional technical training and technical consultation service

2022 freight elevator solution the best lifting platform

Heavy duty gantry plasma cutting machine

2022 Best Mini scissor lifts

  • Hydraulic Scissor lift Table Mini Scissor Lift HTCY 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Mini hydraulic scissor lift platform HTCY 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Lift platforms hydraulic Mini scissor lift HTCY 2000.00~8000.00 USD

2022 Best Scissor Lift Tables

  • Small scissor lift platform HTCY 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Scissor lift platform HTCY 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Mini scissor lift HTCY 2000.00~8000.00 USD

2022 Best Cargo Lifts

  • Guide Rail Hydraulic Cargo Lift Small vertical freight elevator HTCL 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Industrial warehouse hydraulic vertical guide rail cargo lift HTCL 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Basement hydraulic goods lift warehouse freight elevator cargo lift HTCL 2000.00~8000.00 USD

2022 Best Wheelchair Platform Lifts

  • Inclined platform lift wheelchair lift HTXG 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Hydraulic wheelchair lift HTXG 2000.00~8000.00 USD
  • Wheelchair lift platform for home HTXG 2000.00~8000.00 USD

Do You Experience The Issues When Buying lifts palrform From China

Hard To Find A Professional lifts table for goods Manufacturer In China, But Foreign Trade Companies Without Guarantee.

Uneven Quality Of Chinese lifts platform for cargo, The Sellers Cannot Guarantee The Lifetime Of cargo lifts.

Long Lead Times Of lift tables From China, And The Delivery Time Is Non-Guaranteed.

Few China Suppliers Can Provide Solutions When You Face Problems With lifts.

Rarely Possible To Cooperate With China Dealers That Have Full Service With lift platforms Design,
Development, Manufacturing, Selling, After-Sale Service And Technical Support.

lift Machine Issues

24/7 TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SUPPORT: +86-18505413290


HONTYLIFT specializes in developing and manufacturing cargo lifts, wheelchair lifts, hydraulic lifts, vertical platform lifts, scissor lifts, mobile platform lifts, and other lifting machines.

For over 10 years development, excellent quality and competitive prices bring us stable customers from all over the world.

High-Quality lifting Machines
Start from The Basics

We have a large production space of 25,000 square meters, which can fully meet the needs of elevators.

We have a professional design team, which can make private customization as quickly as possible

The production team adopts an ERP system to manage the designers and workers and plan the enterprise resource.

We have a professional design team, which can make private customization as quickly as possible

From raw material procurement to production, quality inspection has a perfect management system.

COST SAVINGS OF 10% - 20 %

As a professional China lifting machine manufacturer, HONTYLIFT Independent design and production, provides upstream suppliers consultants for your custom lifting solutions.

High speed, high quality, high precision, high cost-effective, up to 10% - 20% cost savings.

One Tracking, Caring Service

Professional logistics and distribution, to ensure the equipment with accurate delivery in time.

Professional technical personnel to provide you with staff training and technical advisory services free of charge.

The professional after-sale team regularly visits via the internet, rapid response within 24 hours.

Call us Today: +86-18505413290

lifting Machine Buyer's Guide

lifting Machine Buyer's Guide

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Honor & Certificate

  • Environmental management systemEnvironmental management system
  • [list:title]Occupational health and safety
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  • [list:title]Quality Assurance

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Jinan Hontylift Machinery Co.,Ltd (HONTYLIFT)
Jinan hontylift machinery co .ltd was well established as one of the leading Asia manufacturers of scissors lift tables. As a company that has specialized with this product for over 2 decades, we have gained considerable experience and have developed the design. With our long experience in scissors lift supply, we can understand your needs as well as the particular demands of your application. This means that we can supply a lift table constructed to meet your requirements in both the long and the short term. A large part of our production is custom design tables suited for a particular working situation. Knowing the methods of working will constantly develop, we try to build as much flexibility as possible into the lift design. There is an advantage in not having to change the lift table when the working practice changes. Custom Design, quality, and flexibility are our design philosophies. In our engineering department, the lifts are designed and developed using modern computer technology. With this facility, we can easily make individual custom designs. Reliability and personal safety. The lift table, as with many parts of a production line, performs a vital function. If a malfunction occurs the whole chain is affected. The lift table has to perform its function without problems day in, day out, year after year. Our lifts have been installed in many demanding production situations over many years and have proven a service record. Another advantage of the Honty lift is attention to personal safety. The lift tables are logically built, easy to operate and designe...



  • Parking has always been a relevant problem; in single-family houses with small areas getting parking...

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